What is the weather like right now at Loloma Lodge?
Easy enough, check out the Weather Forecast and Conditions

How do I arrange for a tour of Loloma Lodge?
Just call or email us and we will make an appointment for a tour. We will find a time when all of the facilities are available for you to see.  Please do not “drop by” without notice, as the lodge may be booked for another event and staff may not be on site.

Do you have wireless Internet?
Our 5 mbps WIFI covers the entire property. Open-access WIFI is accessible upon entering the property.

How do I make a wedding reservation once I have chosen a date and facility?
Come for a visit to see if Loloma is a good fit for you. Take a look of our reception site, riverfront ceremony site, and catering kitchen to get an idea of all that we can provide. Weekday elopements start at $500 and summer weekend rates start at $6,000. Deposits of $2,000 are required to reserve a date. Deposits are non-refundable but may be applied toward future lodging.

Do you have cell phone access?
Your cell phone access will depend on your service provider. We have found that some guests have adequate service while others do not. Please bring your cell phone with you when you come for a tour so you can test service.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do you have television reception?
We have neither cable tv, televisions, or DVD players on the property. We do have WIFI and you can stream online to your heart's content


How long does it take to get from Portland to Loloma Lodge? From Bend? From Eugene?
The Lodge is approximately one hour from Eugene or 1.5 hours from Bend via Highway 126. We are about 2 ½ hours from Portland.

Is Loloma Lodge open year round?
Yes! We are available for winter outings as well as summer, fall, and spring. Connecting with friends and family is fabulous no matter what the weather is. Loloma is now offering retreats (yoga, artist retreats, biking, etc). EMAIL visitloloma@gmail.com to start a conversation

What kind of events do you have at the Lodge?
We only have private, invitation only events. Loloma Lodge is a very popular venue for weddings because we offer a ceremony site, wedding reception site, lodging, and camp sites for families and friends. Your party will have use of the entire resort for your private use.

Are there laundry facilities at the Lodge?
Yes, we have commercial washer/dryer facilities on site in the Bath House, down by the cabins.

What is the quality of drinking water at the Lodge?
Loloma Lodge is famous for its spring water. Many people come with empty jugs to take it home with them. Please note that massive amounts of water bottles create an environmental hazard.  Please bring reusable bottles and fill them with our wonderful spring well water.

Can we come in earlier than the standard 3:00 PM check-in time?
We may be able to adjust our standard times with advance notice and additional charge. There are times when an earlier check-in is possible. If there is a group checking out on the same day you arrive, this is NOT possible. You must check with the office to see if you can come in early.

The check-out time of 11:00 AM may be too early for us after our wedding or event. Can we stay later?
Again, it entirely depends on our bookings. If someone is checking in on the same day you check-out, then you will most likely need to be out by noon. Contact us to request in advance for a later departure time. However, we may not be able to confirm a later time until 30 days prior to your check-in date. A late check-out charge may be applied.

If I pay a deposit and need to cancel my date, can I get my deposit back?
No, initial and confirmation deposits are non-refundable. Loloma Lodge is only able to book a limited number of weekend weddings or events in the summer, so cancellations have a big impact on our business.

Do you allow pets?
Pets are allowed with a $25 non-refundable pet deposit, per visit, per pet. This option is available as an add-on in the booking checkout process. If you have any questions about breed or species exclusions, please do email us. I'm already intrigued.

What is my wedding damage/service deposit for? Do I get it refunded if I don’t break anything?
We require a final payment be made in full, prior to your stay. This damage/service deposit covers services provided after your final payment has been made. If there is: excessive soiling of the carpet, cleaning services are needed, damage is detected, excessive trash, furniture/supplies are not in original locations, items taken from the property, or if user rules and checklists have not been followed, the amount will be taken from this deposit. You will receive your refund after your event.

Do you have a Lost and Found? How can I get my item back?
Please email visitloloma@gmail.com and describe what you're missing. There is a $15 fee plus USPS flat rate postage fees for mailing an item to you. We hold a lost-and-found item for approximately 30 days unless it's super cute.

When do I make my final payment for my wedding or event?
Your final payment is due on or before the date of your wedding or event. You must provide an exact count of all services you are requesting (wait staff, event charges, rentals, etc.).  No admittance to the property will be permitted until your final bill is paid in full. You also need to submit your proof of insurance in advance of your check-in date.  No admittance can be allowed until this is received by us.

Do you require insurance for our wedding or event rental?
We require Event Liability Insurance from the wedding or event party. Please provide a Certificate of Liability to Loloma Lodge with your final payment.

Liability covers you in the event that you become legally responsible for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage caused by an accident which occurs during your covered event.

A Liability Insurance coverage limit of $1,000,000 is required. Coverage for both you and your venue.  Be sure to list Loloma Lodge as “additional insured” and list your venue address on the policy.

It should also include Host Liquor Liability coverage for any day you plan on serving alcohol. This is a key wedding coverage, providing protection against bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.

Keep in mind, a lot of homeowners insurance policies do not cover property damage liability for any property that is occupied or rented by you. Make sure it states, “additional insured” and lists the Loloma Lodge name and address.  They also often have restrictions on property damage such as, covering fire or water damage only, which is not recommended. We find that often times home-owners policies do not offer “host liquor” coverage. Check into these issues if you are using a homeowner’s policy.

Many of our clients use WedSure or WedSafe for their policies. These policies are designed for weddings and we feel give you the best in coverage with minimal pricing.

What is the tax rate for lodging and services?
There is a 9.8% tax rate on lodging.

What are the sites of interest in the area of Loloma Lodge?
Check out our Local Activities page

Do you have a catering staff at Loloma Lodge?
We are beginning to offer catering on the property. We can also offer a private chef in the Main Lodge for intimate dinners and small parties. You are also welcome to ask us about any of our preferred caterers and other vendors. We also have a catering kitchen and stainless steel prep space (currently without a functioning stove and oven) for rent for you or your caterer to use. There is a kitchen fee for self-catering, and you may rent dish and serving utensils from us. Please contact us for more info.

Do you have a commercial kitchen?
We have a catering kitchen that has a commercial dishwasher and commercial refrigeration. In our catering kitchen you will find china and flatware for 150 people. There are also kitchens in all of the lodging buildings.

Do you have an ice maker for our use?
No. It is best to buy ice before you come. We have freezer space for ice. There are several small markets within 3 miles that sell ice.

Do you have BBQ’s for our use?
Yes. We have several BBQs for you to use.



What if I want to use a tent on the grounds to add covered space for my reception or wedding?
Rarely is there an event at Loloma Lodge where a tent is needed. We have a large covered stage and the carriage house which can be used, if necessary. If there is a situation where one is needed, call us first. Tent installation requires stakes to be driven into the ground. Water lines, electrical lines, etc. are under ground and could be damaged.

Can we use candles at our event?
Yes, you may use candles provided you follow these restrictions and monitor the candles often. All candles must be in glass or fireproof containers that exceed the height of the flame by 2 inches. This rule applies to candles indoors or outdoors. Never use exposed candles anywhere.

What do your wedding packages include?
When you book the entire property + lodging, we supply tables and chairs and exclusive use of the facility. You have full access to the Classic Log Lodge and cabins, kitchens, recreational areas, the entire grounds, ceremony site by the river, garden, lawns and wooded areas, outdoor fire pits, covered stage, carriage house, and more. Please note that we bill for lodging in addition to the wedding fee.

Do you have a licensed bartender for us to use?
Loloma Lodge will provide a bartender for $35/hour. Other waitstaff can be hired for $20/hour and will work with your caterer or wedding planner. Please let us know in advance if you need one. This is a separate charge from the wedding fee, and a gratuity of 15% will be added to your bill for this staff.

What’s new with the passage of Oregon State’s legalization of marijuana?
You can check out the new rules regarding cannabis at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission website.

Are there rules for decorations?

  • The use of silly string, confetti, faux flowers, glitter, rice, or scattered decorative ornamentation is strictly prohibited. Scattered flower petals must be removed or a $20/hr cleanup fee will be issued, rounded up to the nearest hour. 
  • No tape or tacks may be used on the indoor or outdoor walls/siding of the lodge.
  • Do not use tape on the rafters or ceiling.
  • Do not remove pictures from the walls.
  • All candles must be in glass or fireproof containers that exceed the height of the flame by 2 inches.  This rule applies to candles indoors and outdoors. Never use exposed candles indoors or outdoors.
  • Never, ever allow standing water on our hardwood floors.
  • Clean up of all decorations is your responsibility even if you are paying for the cleaning service.
  • If you are having beer kegs, place them on cement and clean up area thoroughly. As with any service of alcohol, monitor the area to make sure all are over 21 and that guests are not being over-served.

Do you have any suggestions for florists, performers, DJ’s, wedding planners, photographers or videographers?

We have worked with many vendors over the years. Please take a look at the Preferred Vendors page. If you don't see something you need just give us a call. 

Who washes and takes care of the cake table?
Wedding parties usually arrange for service of their cake and clean up of the cake table. If you would like Loloma to provide cake cutting and clean up, please notify us in advance. We will provide this service for $50. This is a separate charge from the wedding fee, and a gratuity of 15% will be added to your bill for staff.

Do you have outdoor lighting?
Yes.  First of all, all pathways at Loloma Lodge are lit. In addition we have long strands of outdoor lights that can be run across our outdoor stage and reception area.

We have rented Loloma Lodge for our wedding. Can we come in the day before just for a rehearsal?
You are welcome to rent any quantity of buildings before/after your event, pending availability.

Can I use a DJ with a sound system for my event?
Yes, you may have a DJ for your event. We do have neighbors, however, and we ask that amplified sound is turned off after 10:30 PM. Please be mindful of the noise level of partiers and music. Many groups move from dancing to sitting around the fire after 10:30.

Do you have a sound system?

Yes, we have sound equipment that may be rented including speakers for vows, announcements and dancing, amplifier, CD player (on stage only), playback from cell phone or Ipad, 3 microphones with stands, audio console, cabling. There is an additional charge of $20/hr for a sound tech. Typically, this is 1-2 hour rehearsal, 1-2 hours for the wedding ceremony, 4-6 hours per day for stage. You are welcome to use your own DJ or Band but they must bring their own equipment.

We will be upgrading our technology throughout 2017 and 2018.

Is there WiFi for our DJ?
WiFi is available at Loloma Lodge.

How many tables do you have for my event? What are their sizes?
Please talk to management about our equipment such as tables, dishes, serve ware, and other items.



Do you have wedding packages that do NOT include an overnight stay?
We will soon be sharing our Elopement Packages for small groups which do not necessarily need to include lodging. However, pending availability, anyone is welcome to stay.

There are other advantages:

  • More time to enjoy your wedding and reception
  • Limits driving after alcoholic beverages are consumed
  • No set time for a reception to end (although bringing the music indoors helps in late hours)
  • Most find staying at the Lodge is less expensive than motel rooms (can lodge 10-12)
  • Relatives can stay together, at one place, to gather and reconnect
  • Wedding couple can stay in a cabin of their own on their first night without having to drive somewhere